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Dive Iceland - Kleifarvatn

Kleifarvatn thermal area tour. We now offer a tour to Kleifarvatn lake where last year they discovered an underwater thermal area. We will make your dive a once in a lifetime experience.

Here is a video from Kleifarvatn:


Discovered only last year, the Kleifarvatn Thermal area is a unique dive and a must do. How often do you dive in a Volcano? This volcanic lake offers a dive, at a depth of 8 to 12 meters, through an active thermal area. You will be surrounded by bubbles, and see for yourself what a geyser looks like from the inside. Our experienced guides will insure your safety, and this dive is literally like no other.

Kleifarvatn scuba diving

Lake Kleifarvatn is the largest lake of the Reykjanes peninsula. It is the third largest lake of southern Iceland, 9, 1 km², and one of the deepest lakes of the country, 97 m at the deep part. Our dive at the opposite end of the lake will have a maximum depth of 10 meters. According to legends, a monster in the shape of a worm and size of a medium sized whale occupies the lake. We have not met him yet, but the arctic char can get quite big, and if you are lucky, you will see them swim by!

Diving Kleifarvatn

After the dive, five minutes away, you will be able to enjoy the amasing scenery and the thermal area of Krýsuvík with it's many mud springs and unique views ( free of extra charge). Every year, tourists that go off the designated paths get boiled in the extremely hot springs. In Iceland, nature is always near! We trust that you will show common sense and walk on the marked paths. The view, though breathtaking, should not be "to die for" in the literal sence.

A convenient half-day dive, located only one hour from Reykjavik, this dive is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Dive between continents? Check. Dive in a volcano? Check! Only in Iceland!