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El Grillo

El Grillo, a wreck

El Grillo is a wreck in Seydisfjordur on the east coast of Iceland.

El Grillo is a 7.264 ton and 147 meter Oil Tanker which sunk in Seydisfjordur February 10th. 1944 after a air strike by 3 German planes. It´s about 45 meters depth there to the bottom, but about 27 meters down to the bridge.

El Grillo was equipped with some air defense guns and some of them are still down there. The rest of the oil from the tanker was pumped up in the summer of 2002 after years of leaking, so now it´s oil free and great for diving.

El Grillo is one of our stops in our Around Iceland in one week tour.


El Grillo Diving Iceland