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Iceland's Dive Sites

As a leading diving operation in Iceland, we pride ourselves on the most flexible schedule and custom dive trips.

Whether you want to do a half-day's diving, combine diving with site-seeing or do a 2,3, 4 or 7 day safari, we will be able to offer you best diving, at best prices, to fit your schedule, skill level and interests.

After ten years in operation and thousands of dives, we have a 100 percent safety record and zero customer complaints.

There are many  great dive sites in Iceland.   Here are the top four.

1. Dive SILFRA

Dive Between Continents in Silfra, Iceland

If you come to Iceland just having enough time to do one dive or two, there is no doubt, Silfra is the dive you want!  Please go here to read more about Silfra and look at some pictures and videos.

How often can you drink the water you dive in? And of course, get some pictures as you float between America and Europe!

Thermal Chimney

This dive site is like nothing else in this world. It´s just amazing looking and feeling the warm water coming out of this 55 meters high thermal chimney as you dive along it.  The chimney starts at just 15 meters depth, making it accessible to most divers. Please go here to read more about Strytan and look at some pictures. It is literally a cathedral to life. Most geothermal activity is found in the ocean at 2000 meters or more. See hof life began at a depth level compatible with your own life, no need for a deep water submarine!

This tour is sold as part of our safaris.


El Grillo is a 7.264 ton WWII wreck. A tank ship sunken after a german attack in 1944. Please go here to read more about El Grillo. This is an amazing wreck, covered with life, and at depths possible for divers from Advanced certification.

Dive Iceland Kleifarvatn

4. Dive Kleifarvatn Thermal area

Discovered only last year, the Kleifarvatn Thermal area is a unique dive and a must do. How often do you dive in a Volcano? This volcanic lake offers a dive, at a depth of 8 to 12 meters, through an active thermal area. You will be surrounded by bubbles, and see for yourself what a geyser looks like from the inside. Our experienced guides will insure your safety, and this dive is literally like no other.

A convenient half-day dive, located only one hour from Reykjavik, this dive is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Dive between continents? Check. Dive in a volcano? Check! Only in Iceland!

Icelandic Dive Sites

Of course, we do all the other sites, since quite a number of them was discovered and developed by us! We can offer any customized itenarary you would like, and some of the other sites available are:

  • Secret Dive Sites - amazing visibility and no other divers in site, these secret gems offer great visibility and abundance of marine life. Available as part of our safari tours.
  • Garður - a favorite for marine dives from Reykjavik, this site offers abundant marine life at less than an hour away from the capital. A beautiful pier and a chance to get a glimpse of the traditional fishing industry.
  • Bjarnagja, a smaller ravine that offers visibility comparable to Silfra in a mini-format
  • Nesgjá, a water filled fissure with wonderful visibility
  • Secret Wrecks - if you are a wreck afficionado, we have smaller wrecks available for scuba exploration. For experienced divers only.
  • Askja - sold as part of our safari tours, this volcanic geothermal dive in a deep lake is spectacular
  • Ottarstadir - a nature dive not far from Reykjavik, this dive site offers more spectacular marine life to explore in a kelp forest.
  • Davidsgja - a dive in the Thingvellir lake that offers a different experience of this amazing lake close to Iceland's first parlaiment.
  • Ottarstadir, a nature dive from the shore. Amazing lava formations and abundant marine life reward the diver, all less than an hour's drive from Reykjavik. Nudibranch sightings are quite common.
  • Sigurjón, a wreck at 25 meters deep
  • Gullkistuvík - another nice ocean dive outside of Reykjavik
  • Kárastaðir - a smaller fissure in the Thinglvellir lake that is sometimes dived, depending on main site conditions.
  • Flekkuvík - a great nature dive close to the capital with deeper depths available for experienced divers.
  • As always, diving in Iceland, where everything always changes, demands expert guiding, and we will suggest the best itinerary to You based on your dates of arrival and planned itenerary. Contact us to book a one of a kind adventure today!