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Highlights of Iceland in a week


SILFRA, STRÝTAN, MYVATN, GULLFOSS AND GEYSIR are all destinations in this tour. We visit Iceland's most interesting places, both above and under water. We dive in between the American and the Eurasian continental plates, look at the Thermal Chimney and the newer discovered chimney's and this is just the underwater part. Above water we will go trough Iceland most active thermal area, look at  lava fields, waterfalls, volcanoes and the world famous Geysir.  This tour is perfect for someone visiting Iceland once since you will see the highlights of the island both above and under water.  This tour is suitable for non divers.

We at have been doing this tour since 2002 and it have taken a few changes over the time making it only better.  In the summer of 2008 we added a new destination to our tour plan and it was a great success!  Great wall dives at a place no one have ever dived before, kelp forest, big Cods all around us and great visibility.  Regarding to our customer these were the best dives on the tour over Silfra and Strytan!  Some of the dives sites are eather depending, so we may have to change the plans as it goes.

This tour is only done for groups of 8 - 12 divers.  Included in this tour is transportation on land and sea, guided dives, accommodation, tanks, weights and our world famous last night barbeque party.

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