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PADI Staff Instructor #504022
Emergency First Responce Instructor
Dry suit Instructor
Deep Diver Instructor
Night Diver Instructor
Ice Diver Instructor
Wreck diver Instructor
Underwater photographer Instructor
Underwater naturalist Instructror
Diver Propulsion Vehicle Instructor
Underwater Navigator Instructor
Enriched Air Instructor
Digital Underwater Photographer Instructor
Boat Diver Instructor
Underwater Videographer Instructor
Equipment Specialist Instructror
Drift Diver Instructor
Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor
Search and Recovery Instructor
Project Aware Instructor
Coral Reef Conservation Instructor

Hedinn is our head Instructor with over 16 years experience in doing courses and guided tours, we consider us lucky to have him working with us. He is married, got 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren at the age of 51 and is blaming it on cold Icelandic winters.  He is a collector of single malt whiskies and got a plan of opening a whisky bar in Reykjavik when he will stop diving, in 16 years he says.  If you will offer him to pick up a bottle for him on your way to Iceland he will be a very happy man and will be glad to repay you what you paid for the bottle.

We at are doing all PADI courses from Open Water up to Divemaster, selling diving equipment and doing shorter and longer tours for divers from all over the world. So for you travelling to Iceland, or you staying in Iceland for a shorter or a longer time, check out our courses and/or tours.

If you wish to go diving please contact us on (+354) 699 3000 or by sending us a email on We will pick you up at your Reykjavik location.