Diving Iceland


- Custom tours,schedules, dive sites.

We aim to do diving for divers. We offer custom tours and dive schedules for groups as small as two divers!  We can often accomodate even the single diver with a special dive program. Ultimate flexibility for the ultimate dive.

With over 10 years experience, we have invested significant time to discover diving in Iceland. We have many secret divesites with amazing visibility, abundant sea life, and no other divers in sight.

- Only experienced guides.

Next time you are diving with another dive company, ask if you are being guided by an actual dive guide or instructor. Many dive companies use divemaster trainees as the guides. Ask yourself, would you trust the experience of someone with less than 60 dives who has not yet gotten their professional license?

Our guides/drivers are all required to have a perfect record EU driver's license, regular alcohol sobriety tests, and are very experienced in cold water diving.  Our guides are over 30 years of age. They are not here to party, date, or figure out what they want out of life on their year off school.  They are here to dive.

With thousands of cold water dives under our belt (and outside our drysuit), and with a roster of Public Safety Divers, Course Directors and Commerical Divers, DiveIceland.com insists on only experienced professionals guiding our customers.

-Impeccable safety record.

We have an impeccable safety record and not a single customer complaint on file with the consumer protection authorities in Iceland. Your safety and enjoyment is our prime concern.

- New Equipment.

Cold water diving is expensive. The drysuit alone costs 1200 Euros, add a cold-water proof regulator for 800 Euros. All our equipment was purchased this year as part of a yearly gear upgrade. We pride ourselves on the quiality and condition of our gear. No excuses.

We hope that the above shows you how seriously we take our responsibilities to our clients. Diving is literally the most important thing in our life, and we like to pass  our love on to our customers.