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11-08-2011 14:00 hour
Mark Toole ( USA ) mark <at> bmjt <dot> net

Diving Silfra was an amazing experience! Our guides, Alex and Vali were professional, friendly, and accomodating. The equipment was clean and well maintained. I will recommend this trip to all my friends and plan to go back for the crater dive. Thanks!

08-08-2011 04:30 hour
Andrew and Scott ( Canada )

We had a positive experience... Thanks for the dive adventure!

05-08-2011 11:31 hour
Matthias&Kathrin ( Baden , Switzerland ) kathrinav <at> gmail <dot> com

Thanks a lot,, for this special experience, which we will never forget... though such a drysuit is not as close as comfortable to wear as an easy suit in tropical water, the dive was stunning and very special. And luckily you cannot feel the wait of the material under water! :)
Thanks to Alex, our guide, and to you for the good material. We felt very safe!

28-07-2011 13:45 hour
David and Mike ( USA )

We had a really great dive and this was a great way for us to spend our week in Iceland. We did the Silfra and volcanic lake. How often do you get to tell your friends that you dived between two continents in freezing water and then topped it off with a volcano dive?
An amazing adventure. This really is a top dive destination, take it from someone with 2000 dives! It was really fun to dive with an experienced commercial diver as our guide. We shared battle stories and did a fabulous tour that was planned for our extended abilities.
If you are an avid advanced diver, ask them for the custom tours, you won't regret it, the little extra is worth it, trust me!

28-07-2011 13:29 hour
Tommy & Ingrid ( Sweden )

We had a great time diving with! It was great that our guide Alex spoke Swedish and was a source of entertaining information about Iceland and the geology of the amazing dive site. The equipment was brand new and we were very happy with the safety briefing, expert guiding and how well the dive profile was made to fit our abilities. The cold water was refreshing but not a problem thanks to the excellent and new scubapro drysuits. Thanks once again!

23-07-2011 21:05 hour
Don McQueen ( Bournemouth , England ) don <at> donmcqueen <dot> com

Being married to an Icelander, I know how wonderfull the island is, but Silfra is undoubtably the most amazing dive you can do, not just in Iceland! Diveiceland was ready good at organising and delivering a really personalised and special experience, one I will never forget, many thanks and I will be back for more soon!

11-06-2011 04:43 hour
Melody and Toby ( Hobart , Australia ) marsupialmel <at> gmail <dot> com

This was one of the most incredible diving experiences ever. we read somewhere that if you wanted to dive silfra, Hedinn was the man to go with - they weren't wrong. Not only is he a master of this area, he's got a great personality and dishes out all sorts of interesting info on Iceland and diving stories. Highly recommended!! Thank you for a wonderful underwater experience and for the pics to remember it by!

08-06-2011 17:18 hour
Eric & Sorana ( Malmö , Sweden )

We were in Iceland for a short stay but diving in ice cold water was for us a must-do! We had a really great experience during the two dives we did that day. The marvellous visibility we had made us forget the water temperature. The instructor was very nice and helped us to feel very comfortable in the water. We would definitely redo it! Don't think twice and do it!!!

24-04-2011 08:20 hour
John & Elin ( Sweden )

Thank you so much! We had an amazing day and the best dive experiance ever -I proposed in the iceclear freshwater! Me and my fiancee are so happy and we can really recommend you to everyone! We also have to specailly give great thanks to our divemaster who was great, really helpfull, had good knowledge and was a great underwater photographer ! Best regards John and Elin From Sweden/Gothenburg (soon married)

23-04-2011 18:45 hour
Sam ledegen ( Liedekerke , Belgium ) Samledegen <at> pandora <dot> be

Almost a year after the dive i still remember it as one of the most unforgetable experiences in iceland. I will never forget the clear icecold water with the sferic blocks of the continents and the bluest lagoon one could imagine. I would recommend it to everyone,hedinn has the charm of a real icelander.... Introvert but very warm! Thanks

13-04-2011 17:07 hour
Stephan,Thomas, Manfred ( Germany )

We traveld around the world for diving a lot. But it is to say that the trip with Hedinn to silfra was not comparable with another of our more than 600 dives. Absolut pointly pick up in time, perfectly guided dive by Hedinn himself, great equipment, and included, very well taken photos. Silfra is one of the most fantastic places in the world, guided by an great instructor. Try it !

29-03-2011 12:24 hour
Nanna ( Denmark )

My dives were really great and when I got back to my hostel and was relaxing in my bed, the beautiful images from the dive kept comming in my head.

16-03-2011 20:55 hour
Damian Cosson ( Perth , Australia )

Me and a couple of mates did the Silfra dive last summer and it was just awesome. The most amazing colours ever to be seen underwater! Thankyou beautiful Iceland

04-03-2011 00:52 hour
George & Natassa ( Athens , Greece ) gn3311 <at> gmail <dot> com

For those who dive at 0.7 degrees for the first time there is no better man to make you feel comfortable and confident than Hedinn. For those who have done it before elsewhere the combination of Hedinn skills, company and the dive site itself will make the dive a memorable experience. Try it regardless of any reservations you may have. Hedinn thank you and really hope to see you again!