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Snorkeling Silfra

Us at are now offering snorkeling tours to Silfra.  As we have been offering diving tours for 16 years there is no-one who knows Silfra as well as out head instructor Hedinn Olafsson.  Using his experience we have put together what we belive is the best snorkeling tour you can get to Silfra.  While
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Posted by: hedinn

the other companies work with huge groups per day, we will only have four customers on each tour.  Still we will be charging about the same as the others do and even less when you take into count that we are the only company including everything, no hidden fees.  You will for example get free pictures from your tour.  If you are lucky enough to find us, feel welcome to book your Silfra snorkeling tour.

Of course we can also work with bigger goups who are travelling together and wish to enjoy the experience together.