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Your guide to diving in Iceland

This is not the best web site you find about diving, but we dont think there is one, where you find more information about diving in Iceland.  The reason our web site is not the best is because we are diving professionals, not computer experts.

I Hedinn Olafsson try to guide all the tours myself if I possible can. I have been guiding diving tours for over 16 years, have done over 4.000 dives in Silfra and i'm the far most experienced guide there.  I only work with a small group every day, to make sure everyone gets the best out of their experience.  I have plans to do this for at least 16 more years and need you to help me reaching that goal.  Book the tour with me and I will make it a once in a lifetime experience for you!

My expectations were exceedingly high for this dive. Being it is so expensive and difficult to get a drysuit certification in my part of the world, it took a lot of effort getting certified. It was well worth it! Hedinn is nice, funny, professional, and loves his job. Looking around, all the other groups were massive. It seemed like they were cattle being herded like cattle into the water. If you want a more personal experience, book with Dive Iceland! Thanks Hedinn for the great (FREE) pictures!

The two day dry suit course which includes a day (2x silfra dives) was such a great experience. Hedinn was very entertaining yet professional and patient, and made the course very fun. Silfra was absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend the course to anyone who wants to dive silfra but needs a dry suit certification.

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BOOK YOUR TOUR TODAY! For a diver coming to Iceland for a longer or a shorter visit, there is one must do dive, Silfra. Silfra is a a fresh water site which has been rated as the world's top three dive site. Our head Instructor Hedinn Olafsson is surely experienced in taking divers to Silfra. After 16 years, over 4000 dives in Silfra and 100% safety record, you can trust he can get you a once in a lifetime experience. BOOK NOW!

Snorkeling tours! Us at are now offering VIP snorkleing tours to Silfra.  We only work with a small group per day with a maximum number of customers per tour of four, since we believe this is a maximum number so people get the best out of their exeperience.  We always take pictures on all of our tours and the pictures are included in our price.  In fact everything is always included in our prices, so no hidden fees.  We pick you up at your Reykjavik location, or meet you at the site.   If you wish to get the best out of your Silfra experience, book with us. BOOK NOW!

Do you have limited time in Iceland?  Why not combine your Silfra snorkeling tour and do the Golden Circle?

Feedback from happy customers:

For those who dive at 4 degrees celcius for the first time there is no better man to make you feel comfortable and confident than Hedinn. For those who have done it before elsewhere the combination of Hedinn skills, company and the dive site itself will make the dive a memorable experience. Try it regardless of any reservations you may have. Hedinn thank you and really hope to see you again! (George and Natassa, Greece).

This was one of the most incredible diving experiences ever. we read somewhere that if you wanted to dive silfra, Hedinn was the man to go with - they weren't wrong. Not only is he a master of this area, he's got a great personality and dishes out all sorts of interesting info on Iceland and diving stories. Highly recommended!! Thank you for a wonderful underwater experience and for the pics to remember it by! Melody and Toby ( Hobart , Australia ).

Kleifarvatn thermal area tour. We offer a tour to Kleifarvatn geothermal area. Again we believe nobody knows this area better then our Hedinn Olafsson.  It's easy to miss out the highlights if the Divemaster does not know the area well enough.  See our video from Kleifarvatn. We will make your dive a once in a lifetime experience.

Dry Suit course. Why not get your PADI Dry Suit certification? Do your dry suit course in Iceland with the most experienced instructor here. Contact us for more details.

We offer all diving courses in English as well as Icelandic. Send us email to to ask for when the next course for English speaking will be done.

Please feel welcome to contact us for any additional information. Send us email to